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Misericorde: Volume One will release on March 24th, 2023!

The year is 1483. The age of European expansion is on the horizon and the Renaissance is in full swing across Europe; but in England, the War of the Roses is in its final throes. Change is coming, but in one little convent in the north of the kingdom, everyone seems blissfully unaware. Everyone except Sister Catherine, a beloved nun and firebrand thinker who has just been murdered. In an isolated monastery with an already ghostly reputation, any one of the Sisters could be the killer--and Mother Superior is as stumped as anyone else.

As an Anchoress, Sister Hedwig took an oath to never leave her cell; to devote herself entirely to God and provide spiritual support to all who came to her door. But as the only Sister who couldn't possibly have committed the crime, she have a new mission: solve the case, before the bishop shutters the convent and the real killer goes unpunished. The Superior hasn't told everyone why Hedwig has suddenly joined the regular congregation, but something tells her most of these women know exactly what's going on. Who can she trust? Who is being honest, and who has their guard up--and why? Is the convent really haunted? Who killed Sister Catherine? And worst of all... is Hedwig next?

Misericorde is planned as a multi-part visual novel.

A handful of players may encounter save loading issues moving between versions--I've made all of them available below just in case! The only thing the patches change are typo corrections. 1.11 is the current latest live version.

Misericorde is intended for mature audiences. It contains heavy themes, strong language, and occasionally gruesome imagery.




StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Hand-drawn, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Slice Of Life, suspense


Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

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Misericorde_Volume_One-1.11-pc.zip 801 MB

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Just finished binging this essentially in one day and it was fantastic! I loved the character writing and the pacing was perfect. And aaahh that ending point! Do you have any estimates for when Volume Two will come out?

I am *hoping* for this year. It might slip but so far so good!

That's so exciting! Good luck!!

This game reminded me my bookshelf hasnt a copy of Revelations of Divine Love and im gonna see if bookstores have any interesting copies of it 5/5

hi! i'm having an issue i don't understand that can hopefully be fixed?

when i download either of the two zips available from buying misericorde here, opening them in windows explorer has windows throw up a "The compressed folder is invalid" error. i can open them with a program like 7zip, but extracting them results in everything going smoothly up until the archive.rpa file in the game subfolder, which gets halted mid-extraction with a "Data error" error, leaving it extracted as a partial file. in this state, the game does not run when i open the executable. i'm not sure what's happening here :(


Hello there! I apologize profusely for the late reply here, my email client decided to shuffle notifications about comments on this page into my spam folder. Did you ever get your game working? I can't replicate this issue myself, but if this is still happening for you I definitely want to investigate.


I just finished this on steam after 16 hours, but I felt compelled to buy it on itch as well. 

This is the most riveting thing I've read all year. So much heart, so much intrigue. I love all of these characters so much, and the whole time it was agony wondering where this is going to go. I love the art, the UI, the presentation, the incredible soundtrack, the atmosphere and tone. Incredible stuff. 

I picked this up on steam months ago based on a gushing Lena Raine recommendation tweet and she was absolutely right! 

I really, really hope you get to make the next volume exactly as you plan, and I can't wait to see it!


This is one of the greatest visual novels I've had the pleasure to play. Great cast and protagonist, great writing, great atmosphere. Loved the little easter egg at the end for the completionists ;)

God, I cannot wait to read Volume Two once it's out. I've been putting off playing other games (including Baldur's Gate 3) just to finish Misericorde, and it only left me wanting for more!

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Hello! I know you go all out for the "Volume Two". We hope to ask for your permission, as a small group of two readers for Volunteer Localization.

We had tried to contact with you by social media, and sent an email to you. We start it at Jul,16th. Now after a month, we polish and proofread our translation up to Chapter 8. Looking forward to hearing from you.preface


Amazing game, great cast and some of the best character dialogue I've read since Disco Elysium. I'm extremely excited to see more! 


Thank you so much!


Love it so far, the music is absolutely banging.


Hear me out. This game would be perfect for the Atari VCS. I could get you in contact with the guys at Atari if you were interested in bringing this to their console. 

If you want any more information, let me know. I think it's awesome!


A wonderful, wonderful story throughout. Can't wait for volume two. Great sense of humor and mystery, right down to the main character's incomplete perspective on the various colorful characters, and the obvious love for the source material and setting is on full display in every scene. Hedwig is a real joy of a protagonist, and her fish-out-of-water perspective is thoroughly fleshed out. Well done.


Thank you so much!


Left this as a review but I also want to leave it as a comment for other people to see. 5/5:

Misericorde is phenomenal. Every character has such interesting depth, and the aesthetic is so perfect for the story. But the really captivating part about Misericorde is the exploration of the difference in our perception of people, and the reality of their words and actions. Hedwig weaves such an interesting story, with the right amount of suspense and mystery, while serving as a fascinating narrator. I enjoyed the long look into the different characters lives and how each scene built upon my understanding of who they are. The writing does a great job of pulling emotional strings. I had to pause several scenes because they made me cry. This is a story I'll be thinking about for a long, long time.


Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed it.


Just absurdly good.

Thank you!


Man, a review is not necesary for this game, all i need to say is that


Everything is so esplendid and wonderful, i genuinely loved your writting,

I liked the game so much i even found the easter egg and read the other story about Alex, is there anywhere to continue it?

I just wanted to say a personal opinion on Hedwig, i mean; is nothing wrong about the way she is written (cause it is done so well i can see my whole life in her), is just that if she were a real person, i wouldn't like that much, lol

I mean, for example Katherine thrusted in her so much she tells her about personal stuff that she don't like to talk about even when she's not that drunk, and so does the rest of the girls.

But Hedwig just doesn't recognize how much everyone cares and thrust her, she never stop to think about how much that people liked her even if they all are impure, and she just act out to get answers (Darcy and may be others can be an exception but you get my point) at least she recognize that she doesn't deserve it cause in the end she's a spy. (I can cite the moment she receives a surprise party)

 In the end what i try to say is not related to the quality of the work, just a personal note.



I just finished volume one and am absolutely obsessed! These characters are utterly fantastic and you did a really great job with playing with the social dynamics that would've come up in historical abbeys as places both of devotion to god but also places for society to stow troublesome women who have good enough standing to avoid worse fates but not so good as to be allowed back into regular society. I love Hedwig too what a wonderfully miserable little wretch! Thank you so much for your hard work!


Thank you for the kind words! So glad you enjoyed it!

Is this made with Renpy? I'm very intrigued! Yaaay historical game! I can get Ren'py to run on a mac, but I need to know what engine is used before I purchase :)

Yeah, it's renpy!

Great! I'll try and get my hands on it :D

Did you have any luck with this? I'm also a Mac user, was wondering if I could repackage it into something I can play.

Any updates? I see that renpy also has android and ios support and I'd love to have a visual novel on mobile


I had an absolute blast reading through this, it really scratches that mystery/suspense VN itch in a way I've not experienced in a long time! The characters are fantastically unique and well written, especially Hedwig who is an extremely interesting protagonist to be in the head of. On top of that the soundtrack has some real bangers.

Really can't recommend this enough if you're into mystery stories, especially if you like stuff like Umineko (there's When They Cry vibes but it's enough of its own thing to distinguish itself also!)

My only complaint is that I'm going to be all impatient in waiting for Volume Two to come out!


Thank you so much for the glowing review! Hopefully you won't be waiting too long for the next entry!


The art alone has my interests, I love the dithering effect and the use of black and white, it reminds me so much of those old school black and white mac games.

Same this seems in interesting. 


Excited for the release!

Any chance of a Mac version? Let me know if you need help building one.


I'll write an actual review but first I just want to say what moved me to comment in the first place: Framing Story Hedwig talks like a Dark Souls NPC, and I think that's wonderful.

The writing, backgrounds and music come together to create a really great atmosphere. The character designs do amazing work to visually distinguish a cast of characters that necessarily all wear the same clothes, and their personalities are just as distinct and vividly rendered. I'm excited to learn more about each of them!

Hedwig's ultra-religious perspective makes her a fascinating protagonist, especially seeing her immediately run up against the reality of the normal nuns, who (gasp) curse, and complain about the Superior's singing, and don't follow a strict and extensive prayer schedule. It's fascinating both cause that's not a typical perspective in a story and cause I remember, long ago, being a very religious little child who was scandalized by all sorts of normal stuff.

This is clearly a serious story overall, but complemented by a great sense of humor that runs throughout. The lunch scene was a pleasure to read.

I don't have a good way to conclude this, except to say I'm looking forward to the full volume one!

Thanks so much for commenting! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it and I'm very much looking forward to having the finished volume out soon. All the characters are fun to write and I'm very happy to hear they feel distinct and memorable to you.

Just finished the demo and I wanted to say, what a treat! Hedwig is a delight of a protagonist to follow, and the mystery and supernatural elements of the whole thing are so intriguing??

The soundtrack is also excellent!!

I’m super looking forward to the rest of the story and getting to know the rest of the cast!

Sorry for the obscene amount of exclamation points here–I’m a bit excitable when I enjoy a story.

This won’t affect me playing or looking forward to the full story, but out of curiosity, are there going to be choices and multiple endings or is this just one linear story?

Looking forward to the rest >:3c Good luck with your work on this!


Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

The plan currently is for this to be a fully linear kinetic novel with one ending.

I'm especially glad to hear you liked the soundtrack--this is my first music project as well as my first game project.